Yes. Corona Virus has come to try and finish us off. Some of us are bored, unemployed, confused and a lucky few – unaffected. If you feel stagnant and are in need of some stimulating activities, here are some tips below.

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Take an Online Course

Learn a New Skill (Get Crafty)

Read a Book

Start a Garden

Catch up on Revision

Start Freelancing

Improve Your Health


Take an Online Course

We often have aspirations and blame work, kids or other responsibilities for postponement. Now that you’re chilling at home excuses are out the window.

Online sites like, Lynda, Skillshare etc. often run courses you can start and complete at your own pace.

It is almost unbelievable that you can complete Ivy League courses online. Click here to get more qualified today.

Udemy are offering online courses at 60% off. This means many courses in things like Web Development, Marketing, Accounting are available from £11.99 (approx. $14 USD).

Sites like Lynda (now LinkedIn Learning) are available for one month FREE and a lot of courses can be completed in a week, sometimes days.

Some of these courses are paid but a lot are free for a period of time.

If you cannot afford it, maximise on the free period, complete short courses before the trial is over then cancel your membership.

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Learn a new skill (GET CRAFTY)

You can learn a new skill via an online course, watching YouTube videos, searching online or asking someone in your house.

Survival skills like cooking and sewing are essential especially if you plan on living on your own soon. Even creative activities like painting and craft making can be learnt. This can potentially be the beginning of a new business and additional income.

Here are great examples of home hobbies, some which generate revenue:

Colle started making candles in his home kitchen. Now, he sells them worldwide
Previously a dentist, Sara Shakeel started making crystal art which caught the attention of rapper Chance the Rapper @sarashakeel.

Maybe you wanted to learn a new graphic skill? Adobe is offering 60 days free off plans for existing users. See instructions below.

Additionally, there is a free app for User Experience and User Interface design called Adobe XD and a free graphic sketching/painting app called Adobe Fresco.

Adobe Fresco – Apple Store | Windows // Adobe XD – Download

Go ahead, break out the sewing kit or the groceries you hoarded and be creative.

Read a Book

Sometimes it may be hard to find a good book. Visit Goodreads or Penguin where people post their favourite books or books related to what you want to indulge in.

Audible has a wealth of audio books you can listen to while doing other interesting things. If you are new to Audible you can use it FREE for 30 days.

If you’re looking for FREE e-books look no further than Z-Library . Z-Library has over over 4,960,000 books and 77,100,000 articles accessible to everyone. Did we mention it is FREE?

Start a Garden

If you haven’t already, start planting fruits and vegetables. We should be strengthening our metabolisms to fight diseases (even when there isn’t a pandemic).

Use the seeds from vegetables and fruit you’ve used in your house if it’s not possible to purchase any seeds at the moment.

Produce like: tomatoes, cucumbers, sweet peppers, callaloo, okra, escallion, pak choi/pop choi/bok choi are catch crops and last long. Search Google for more.

Catch up on Revision

For those who may be in formal education, there could be a lot of uncertainty in this time surrounding assessments. Therefore, do not forget to keep on top of known coursework and revision for exams. Prepare for the worst.

Pace yourself.

When at home it is easy to get distracted. Make a plan of action in a schedule where you complete specific tasks in various chunks, then tick them off a list. This is a good way to monitor progress and cover everything seamlessly.

Start Freelancing

Freelancing is self-employed work. If you have skills you can use remotely, now is the time to put yourself out there.

Sites like Fiverr are a brilliant place to start selling your products and services. Otherwise sell yourself on social media, especially LinkedIn and Twitter. Remember working remotely allows you to work for clients all over the world so think big.

Improve your Health

Exercise and implement healthy habits into your routine. There are so many free workout videos and manuals online ready to be used.

Places like Fitness Blender offer exercises, some requiring no equipment and you can choose based on your desired level of activity.

Make use of the world’s favourite YouTube for workouts, healthy recipes mindfulness activities etc.


Sometimes what you need to do is do nothing. Everyone being busy does not determine your needs. The body needs rest to function optimally. Find time to relax, rest and reflect then keep it moving.

Spend time with your family, you may be surprised about what you find out about them. Plan activities like board games and talk about intriguing topics like their opinion on fashion or politics. If you’re a parent, try teaching your children valuable skills like budgeting or cooking.

Every second is valuable.

You may have noticed we used a lot of tweets in this blog post. We share a lot more of these gems on our Twitter page regularly and also put a lot in threads.

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