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Brain Food TCI is a Career and Education Advisory body created for the Turks and Caicos Islands. The aim is to get people familiar with different careers to make informed choices for their future. We offer career services which you can read more about here.

Every first Saturday of the month we post blogs on a designated career. That career is explained in detail and we also give insightful information on how to pursue that career within 3 regions (Caribbean, UK, USA).

“You don’t have to be ‘young’ because the advice and information is for everyone.”

– Derby Benjamin

‘Brainie of the Month’ is now a podcast!

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What We Cover

Career Breakdown

Be anything
Every month we cover a specific career in details, opening you up to both well known and some obscure occupations.

Routes into Careers in 3 Regions

Caribbean, UK & USA
We offer information on how to pursue various careers tailored to different regions.

Alternative Career Pathways

Hate books?
Our information is not only about academic progression to careers. We also offer information on how to pursue careers from a Technical pathway. Find out about career services we offer >>.

Application Advice

Where to study? How expensive?
We offer advice on finance, immigration, and clarification on big words related to education. If there is something specific you need to clarify, contact us for personalised advice.

Want to Apply for a New Job or University?

We can help make the application process easier for you.


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