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Brain Food TCI provides services to assist you with your career and pursuing education. We offer a plethora of single and bundle Career Services ranging from CV/Resume writing to university application services.

Our services are not limited to the academically focussed, as we provide information on both academic and vocational pathways to careers. Don’t forget our blog, where we dissect various careers and offer free employability & university tips.

In addition, we offer job listings via our job board. If you are a business, email us at bftcimgmt@gmail.com or click here to find new employees who speak the language of your company.

Not sure what you want? Book a FREE consultation session to help you pick the right service from us here >>. You can also make enquiries & book appointments via email: brainfoodtci@gmail.com


Career Services

Do note that all our services are conducted remotely, which means we can be accessed from all over the world.

Job Board

We host job listings to cater to job seekers in our Millennial and Gen Z audience, which go up to Mid-Level experience. Businesses, recruiters and employers can list through the main three plans: Limestone, Silver, Gold.

On top of this, catering to youth exploring what career suits them, our job board hosts Internship and Work Experience listings at a reduced price.

Single Services

Cover Letter & CV Services

Cover Letter WritingGet a cover letter written with by an adviser.$15
CV/Resume RevampSend in your most recent CV or Resume for a health check and reconstruction.$15
CV/Resume From the Ground UpGet a CV or resume developed from scratch with an adviser.$20

College, University & Advising Services

Career AdvisingMeet with an adviser to get advice on your career pathway.$15 per half hour
University Personal StatementGet a personal statement written for university/college application.$30
Mock InterviewMeet with an adviser for a simulated job interview to prepare for your next big day.

Service Bundles

Adulting BundleAssortment including: General CV/Resume + Industry CV/Resume + Cover Letter.
*Current students and recent graduates.
Uni BundleAssortment including: University Application + Personal Statement + Course Search.$40
Professional BundleAssortment including: Industry CV/Resume + Cover Letter + Interview Guide. $50

Why should you choose us?

Available from any Location

We operate remotely which means you can access our services wherever you are on the globe!

Trained Advisers

Our team consists of trained professionals in career advising, increasing your desired success rate.

Local Job Talent

Advertising your listings on our Job Board, will expose your company to hundreds of potential employees in the in the TCI and the diaspora. For a lower cost than newspaper listings, you reach more for less.

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Enquiries: brainfoodtci@gmail.com
Whatsapp: +1-649-344-5068

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About Us

Brain Food TCI is a Career and Education advisory association in the Turks and Caicos Islands. We offer services ranging from career advising to cover letter writing, job board listings and so much more.

To assist with career pathways we publish advisory blogs on various careers and provide info on how to pursue that career within the Caribbean, UK and the USA from both academic and vocational routes.