Ah, the alluring world of cosmetology. There are various opportunities for persons that have a passion for beauty and the well being of others. As a Caribbean region, we are not exempt from this, as there are many locations where you can enrol to start a career in this field. In this edition, there will be courses that you can apply for to get you to your dream career.

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Academic Routes

Technical Route

Academic Routes

Before you start an academic course, there are a few things that you should consider:

  • Entry Requirements
  • What subjects should I choose to get to be suitable for the career/s I have in mind.

Be sure to speak to your guidance counsellors or any career advisor within you High School or College to direct you into the right path where entry requirements are concerned.

Secondary and Post Secondary towards Higher Education

Most, if not all high schools require you to do CXC’s, GCSE’s or any other equivalent, to be able to excel to Higher Education (college/university). In institutions in the Caribbean such University of West Indies for example you are required to have 5 CXC (CSEC & CAPE) OR iGCSE & GCE Subjects including Mathematics and English. If an institution does not have any of these listed when searching what is required, search for equivalencies through their admissions page or contact them directly for more information. Also, some courses may require you to have certain subjects that relate to the course, so be sure to check the entry requirements to know exactly what is required.

Higher Education

As mentioned earlier, CXC’s and or other equivalents are required to proceed to this level. In higher education, you have the ability to obtain:

  • Associates Degree
  • Bachelors Degree
  • Masters Degree
  • PhD

Depending on your journey and your career, you can decide how far you are willing to go. You do not need to go towards a Masters/PhD level unless its required based on your field.

Academic Cosmetology Courses
Excelsior Community College

In Jamaica, The School of Aesthetics and Cosmetology aspires to develop the skills of beauty and wellness professionals for you to be equiped and ready for the industry. At the school of A&C, you can either obtain an Associate of Science in Beauty and Wellness or Health and Wellness Tourism, Level 1 and 2 courses in cosemtology, or Short Unit courses designed to acquire specific skills in the beauty services industry.

Entry requirements vary, depending on what you have. See requirements here to see what needs to be obtained.

The Cayman Career Academy

Located in Cayman, The academy is CIDESCO accredited school for cosmetology focusing on areas such as beauty and body and aesthetics. The academy assures that studying with them will allow you to be trained in the highest calibre in the industry within the region , with training with top brands, interviews with leading spas and 5 star hotels as well as assurance that the qualification will be respected and recognised worldwide.

Entry requirements for the courses are quite straight forward and easy. Click here for more

Technical Routes

Apprenticeship and Internships
Go to local salons

The technical routes in this field are quite similar to the academic offers but 100% vocational. With the both institutions below, you can obtain skills and certified training that can lead you to a life of working in successful businesses or on the journey to becoming an entrepreneur in the cosmetology field.

La Marie Spa Institute Jamaica

This institute strives to ensure that as student to find your niche in the competitive cosmetology economy. La Marie’s courses are very short, the longest lasting about 6 months, so this is ideal for you if you do not want to be away from home very long. La Marie provides courses ranging from barbering to makeup and massage therapy.

If this institution interests you click here to enrol. Click here to explore their courses information.

The Face Place Institute

This institute is said to be the regions leading beauty institute for decades and provides NCTVET (The National Council on Technical and Vocational Education and Training) accredited courses. Obtaining certification at this will guarantee recognition locally in Jamaica and all over the Caribbean region. The Face Place has courses such as Spa Therapy, Clinical Skin Care and Professional Make-up.

For information on how to apply and what will be required to enter click here.

Cosmetology careers are very essential to the tourism and hotel industry in the Turks and Caicos. If you are reading because you are sure you want a career in this field or you are not sure and want to explore the option, feel free to dig a little deeper and take advantage of these opportunities. You can also visit local salons or any other Cosmetology related businesses right in the T.C.I, that can get you started on your journey. These places include Spa’s and Salons whether independent or within the hotel industry. Perform on Point provides a space for beauticians to explore and showcase their skills. To get involved and learn more go to Perform on Point on Facebook. Feel free to embark on those opportunties. Embrace all opportunities near or far.

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