Fish Fry, the event that has given us as locals something to look forward to every week and the tourists a chance to explore what the Turks and Caicos has to offer. This event is a perfect example of everything Turks and Caicos. You got your, arts and crafts, local cuisine with of course the fish in the fryer and Music! A whole island experience in one night!

Fish Fry is a collaborated event developed by the T.C.I Tourist Board the Department of Culture, DEMA and Flow (previously known as LIME). This entertaining event was released in January, 2013. Fish Fry is an event that brings people together in 3 profound ways:

  • Networking
  • Music
  • Food

This event has attracted locals and tourists alike, creating exposure to our culture and allowing us to live in it consistently. Taking place at the Kids Park in The Bight, is the perfect place to have a great time in paradise.

Local vloggers The Turks Boys giving a tour around the island festivities


Local Cuisine is one of the main highlights of the event. Of course, sea food is solely featured here. There is conch, lobster, fish you name it. You have food local restaurants such as Mookie’s, Froggy’s and Mama’s Kitchen, all bring local tastes and expressions.


Live and local bands grace our ears and our waistlines with the rake and scrape melody. Bands such as Kew Band Lynx, V6 and Junkanoo band We Funk. Along with the musical entertainment, the MC entertains guest with various activities such as line dances like the cha cha slide or very funny and competitive dance competitions.


Arts and Craft is one of the main local vendors that are always present at Fish Fry and it is with great pride that they can get to display their work and culture aesthetically here. Vendors such as hand crafted jeweller Wellington from the Wellington Collection and the T.C.I Shellman with ornaments, cutlery, keychains, basically anything you can think of made from the Conch Shell.

Celebrity Visits

Let us also mention the celebrity appearances made at this event. The memorable favourite is Drake and The Kardashians, both expressing their enjoyment and love of the experience.

Overall, Fish Fry brings people of all races and backgrounds together. It has been the event of the decade, one that signifies and celebrates the culture that is Beautiful by Nature.

2010s Native Accomplishments in under 4 Minutes

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