Criminal Justice is a need in the world, and can provide the balance and structure that society needs. Surely the Caribbean is not exempt from this and the fact that you can get a chance to start your journey in this field right in your region is a plus! The following information gives you guidance on how to start a career in this field, whether through an Academic or Technical Route.

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Academic Routes

Technical Route

Academic Route

Before you start an academic course, there are a few things that you should consider:

  • Entry Requirements
  • What subjects should I choose to get to be suitable for the career/s I have in mind.

Be sure to speak to us at Brain Food TCI or any career advisor you may have access to, if you need assistance where entry requirements are concerned.

Secondary and Post-Secondary

Most, if not all high schools require you to do CXC’s, GCSE’s or any other equivalent, to be able to excel to Higher Education (college/university). In institutions in the Caribbean such University of West Indies for example you are required to have 5 CXC (CSEC & CAPE) OR IGCSE & GCE (Grades 1-3) Subjects including Mathematics and English. If an institution does not have any of these listed when searching what is required, search for equivalencies through their admissions page or contact them directly for more information. Customarily Mathematics and English passes would be mandatory. Also, some courses may require you to have certain subjects that relate to the course, so be sure to read the entry requirements to know exactly what is required. Some institutions may have specific entry requirements including the entry requirements needed for Mature Students (age 21 and over) so check before applying.

Higher Education (University)

As mentioned earlier, CXC’s and or other equivalents are required to proceed to this level. In higher education, you have the ability to obtain:


  • Associate Degree
  • Bachelors Degree


  • Masters Degree
  • PhD

Depending on your journey and your career, you can decide how far you are willing to go in terms of further education. You do not need to go towards a Masters/PhD level unless it is required based on your field.

Here are some universities where you can study Criminal Justice:

Northern Caribbean University (Jamaica): NCU has both Associates and Bachelors of Science degree courses in Criminal Justice, “attempting to fulfil the wide professional opportunities in the justice system“. The course is created to lead you into careers such as;

  • Social Worker
  • Sociologist
  • Family Counsellor

Specific requirements for entry is provided here.

University of the Common Wealth Caribbean (Jamaica): This institution carries a course in Criminology & Criminal Justice. The intention of this course is to “explore how societies attempt the control and punishment of crimes and disorder and  gain a theoretical and practical understanding of this intriguing subject.

Specific requirements for entry is provided here.

The University of the West Indies (Open Campus; Turks and Caicos): The Open Campus provides a Criminology and Criminal Justice course. The best thing about the open campus is that a campus is located right in the Turks and Caicos Islands, so you will not have to worry about moving. The course is created to educate you on the different approaches in understanding criminal behaviour, methods of measuring crime and many more aspects.

Specific requirements for entry can be found here.

University of the Virgin Islands (U.S Virgin Islands): UVI provides the Criminal Justice course in Associate of Applied Science, Bachelors of Arts and Bachelors of Science. This course was created by the institution, to prepare students for employment in entry-level and advanced positions in the public and private sectors. The course will prepare for careers such as:

  • Corrections Officer
  • Police Officer
  • Enforcement Officers

As you will be considered an international student, entry requirements are provided here.

Technical Route

Depending on the sector of Criminal Justice entry routes differ. If your goal is a job in Criminology, Forensic Psychology, Law, Forensic Accountancy or Crime Scene Investigation you will need formal qualifications.

For police officers there are technical routes:

Royal Turks and Caicos Islands Police Force

If you want to apply to join the force, just fill out an application and hand it in at the Police Headquarters on Old Airport Road, Providenciales. Application form can be found here.

What is suggested is to seek internships if you would like hands on experience. Some suggestions would be:

To learn more about what Criminal Justice actually is click here. To find out what immigration hurdles you must pass to pursue education in various countries click here. For financial 411s click here.

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