We’re backkkkk!! 🧠

We took a hiatus recently and now Brain Food TCI is ready to serve you.

Here’s an update 👇🏽

  1. LaVerne Handfield, Head of Pathway Services is your point of contact for all Career and educational services. For business partnerships contact the Founder Nandina Hislop. We can be reached at brainfoodtci@gmail.com.
  2. We now offer job listings on our site. This includes work experience, internships, junior/entry level and associate/mid-level roles. Get in touch here https://brainfoodtci.org/join-the-job-board/ for more info.
  3. Our blog posts come every other month with a Brainie of the Month to coincide with the respective career. You can get involved and nominate people via our site’s contact page.
  4. We’ve got a new podcast!! 🎧. Pretty soon you’ll be able to tune into the #GoalMinePodcast where we share tips and our experiences navigating through careers.
  5. We launched the #BrainieBookClub, a virtual monthly meet social club separately divided by teens and adults. We meet chat about the reads like besties and just have a good time. Go here https://brainfoodtci.org/brainie-book-club/ to join.

We’d love some feedback on what you love or hate from us so far and what you want to see next. Please let us know here.

Posted by:Nandina Hislop

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