Communication is a part of our daily lives, and is vital in all areas of business. It is the art of delivering a message through various methods where it can be received. In this month’s post, the respective routes will provide you with careers you can pursue in Communications as well as some technical pathways that can be beneficial.

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Academic Routes

Technical Route

Academic Routes

Before you start an academic course, there are a few things that you should consider:

  • Entry requirements
  • Subjects you need for the career(s) you have in mind

Be sure to speak to us at Brain Food TCI, or any other career advisor you may have access to, if you need assistance where entry requirements are concerned.

Secondary and Post-secondary towards Higher Education

Most, if not all, high schools require you to do CXCs, GCSEs, or any other equivalent to be able to excel to Higher Education (college/university). In institutions in the Caribbean, such the University of the West Indies, you are required to have 5 CXC (CSEC & CAPE) OR iGCSE & GCE subjects, including Mathematics and English.

If an institution does not have any of these examination bodies listed when searching what is required, search for equivalencies through their admissions page or contact them directly for more information. Also, some courses may require you to have certain subjects other than Mathematics and English that are compulsory entering the course. Be sure to check the entry requirements to know exactly what is required.

Higher Education

As mentioned earlier, CXCs and/or other equivalents are required to proceed to this level. In higher education, you can obtain:

  • Associate Degree
  • Bachelor’s Degree
  • Master’s Degree
  • Ph. D.

Depending on your journey and your career choice, you can decide how far you need to go in terms of further education. You do not need to pursue a Master’s degree or Ph. D. unless it is required based on your career choice.

Communications Related Courses
University of the West Indies Communication Related Programmes

The UWI Mona (Jamaica) campus is home to six suitable courses for the Communications Career:

  • BSc. Hospitality and Tourism Management
  • BSc. International Relations
  • BSc. Marketing
  • BA Integrated Marketing Communication
  • BA Digital Media Production
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University of the West Indies (Mona, Jamaica)

The department of Social Sciences focuses on and supports a vibrant and dynamic academic environment by embracing research collaborations across a wide range of sectors and disciplines. These courses are designed to cover areas such as:

  • Entertainment Management
  • Communication Skills
  • Planning Policies
  • Statistics
  • Marketing Research, and
  • Integrated Marketing Communication
BSc. Hospitality and Tourism Management

The Hospitality and Tourism Management course was created to provide a well-rounded student experience.

The objective of this programme is to give the students exposure to knowledge in specific tourism areas such as the tourism system, planning and policy and knowledge of the interplay between functional units of an organization such as accounting, human resources and marketing. It will also be ale to provide students the training that is needed to critically analyse the space that tourism occupies in economic and social development.

What is also a benefit of taking this course is the internship requirement, which is vital and beneficial for gaining experience in this field, and actively practicing what has been taught over the course’s duration.

For more programme information, click here. For admission requirements, click here.

The UWI Open Campus (Turks and Caicos) has a BSc. Tourism and Hospitality programme that you can apply for. For more information click here.

BSc. International Relations

The purpose of this course is to provide students with the training to specialise in a number of areas of international politics. “Students who do a degree in International Relations learn about the inter-connected relationships between and among countries, governments,
local and international organizations, businesses as well as groups and people

Preparing you for your future after the programme, some potential careers that can be pursued are:

  • Language Instructor
  • Foreign Affairs Analyst
  • International Relations Officer
  • Legislative Correspondent

For general information on this course, click here. For admission requirements click here.

BSc. Marketing

Marketing is home to unique and creative methods of communicating. How marketing relates to communication is simply this: marketing is a tool that allows you to advertise, pay attention to your audience, hit goals and targets strategically, and so much more. This programme is designed to help you do just that, preparing you for the world of marketing and communication.

Some topics that are covered in the programme are:

  • Communication Skills
  • Consumer Behaviour
  • Systems Analysis

For more course information, click here. For information on admission requirements, click here.

The UWI Open Campus (Turks and Caicos) also has a BSc. Marketing programme. Click here for more information.

The faculty of Humanities and Education focuses on and supports a vibrant and dynamic academic environment by embracing areas of communication and higher learning. These courses are designed to cover areas such as:

  • Video Production
  • Marketing Strategies
  • Language Argument
  • Communication Research Methods
  • Public Relations Principles and Practice
BA. Integrated Marketing Communications

Integrated Marketing Communication is stated to bring convergence of thoughts, processes and techniques in communication. It is stated to also respond to the international trend in combining traditional marketing with social marketing imperatives.

In this programme, you will have the opportunity to complete an internship and also study topics such as:

  • Social Marketing Principles and Practice
  • Basics of Visual Communication
  • Media Ethics and Legal Issues
  • Communication Analysis and Planning

For general information on the course, click here. For admission requirements, click here.

BA. Digital Media Production

This programme was designed to meet the demands in the media and communication services for the skills both specific and focused.

The programme will prepare you for areas such as:

  • Writing and Report Design for Designers
  • Online Marketing Strategies
  • Communication through Typography and Layout

For more information on the course, click here. For admission requirements, click here.

Technical Routes

Internships , Volunteering & Work Experience
Participate in local volunteering and international Business-related programs.

It is encouraged that you take local opportunities in communications. Even if it’s volunteering with departments that contribute to the cause, take the small opportunities right in front of you. In the Communications field, there are careers such as Public Relations Specialists, Social Media Planner, and Brand Manager just to name a few. If these types of jobs interest you, read on to find out how you can get started.

Here is potential places to seek volunteering opportunities:

The technical routes in this field are quite similar but 100% practical. With the options above, you can obtain skills and experience that can lead you to a successful progression in the field and make it easier to get your foot in the door.

From the information provided, you can start right here in your region and at home. Feel free to embark on those opportunities. Always remember to embrace all opportunities near or far.


Below is a list of YouTube videos that will bring some insight to Communications and its functionality.

YouTube Links
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