In the creative sector, finding jobs & opportunities can be a bit different to ‘suits’. The guide that follows will cater to all creative people working in marketing & advertising, photography, graphic design, fashion, UX/UI design, publishing, film & TV etc.

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Use The Dots

Use Contently

Use Fiverr

Use Behance

Use If You Could

Use Upwork

Utilise Social Media & Community Groups

Use LinkedIn

Create an Online Creative Portfolio

Networking Events & Talks

Creative roles are often advertised online on job boards, social media and other unorthodox ways so they can be easily missed. For direct reach, remember to search company pages for job opportunities. The following tips are not guaranteed job tropes and info is catered to people working on products rather ‘being‘ the products. For example: we will not be teaching you how to become a model.


The Dots | The future of work

The Dots is an online job platform specifically created for creatives who are not looking for “uptight” office jobs.

You can create a profile and connect with people, forming a professional network. You can post about what jobs/opportunities you’re looking for as well anything you feel fit to share.

If you’re seeking employees, you can also advertise jobs on there.

Create a Contently profile

Content Marketing Platform and Expert Content Creators | Contently

For freelance graphic designers and writers, Contently is the place to be. You can link in your favourite articles written on various platforms in one place functioning as a portfolio.


Fiverr (@fiverr) | Twitter

The famous Fiverr, gives you international remote access to customers you may have never dreamed of. You can create ’gigs’ on the platform, display previous work as well as accept payment. It removes the stress of hosting your own website.


Why Behance is still relevant in 2019, if you want to promote your ...

Behance is a blessing in many forms. The platform created by Adobe can be used like a designer’s Pinterest. Creating a Behance profile allows you to showcase your work as well as become inspired by other other people’s creations.

You can use Behance to sign post people to places you’re selling services/products like Envato or Creative Market.

Behance also has a jobs feature which allows you to browse current vacancies.

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If You Could

Credit: It’s Nice That

If You Could is a board for creatives with varying roles being posted everyday.


New Client Membership Plans Set to Roll Out - Upwork Blog

Upwork is a similar platform to Fiverr and is perfect for freelancers. Once you’ve inputted your information, your profile will be matched with prospective employers.

The platform also lists jobs outside of the creative sector.

Social Media

Social Media is the greatest tool of our generation. You can find jobs, connections and amazing opportunities simply by following the right person or making the right ‘search’.

As your social media bio is a bit like a mini CV, try to say as much as you can about yourself, in a socially savvy way that still sounds like your voice.

Here are two examples of cool bios with different expressive takes:
Credit: Twitter @/Bola_Sol
Credit: Twitter @/HenrieVIII

Utilise platforms like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to join various groups, follow or join lists relevant to your career or follow accounts that put you on.

Here are some Facebook group suggestions:

FashionFASHION SUPER-INTERN | Creative JobsSocial Fixt | MarketingGirls in Marketing for Student & Graduates

Here are some Instagram suggestions:

Marketing & BrandingLife of a Marketing Girl, Pretty Little Marketer, 1AM Creative| FashionThe Junior Network, Pepper Your Talk | MusicYoung Music Boss | Creative BusinessNote to Self: | Networking & JobsBYP Network, Create Jobs, Social Fixt, Major Players, Creative Access, Intern | TechCode Collabs, Coding Black Females, YSYS | Creative MentoringTING

A podcast episode by Social Fixt, an initiative created to connect black talent with creative jobs.


How to Create a LinkedIn Post That 78% of Your Network Will Engage ...
Credit: Neil Patel

LinkedIn is one the most well known job seeking and networking platforms. You can use LinkedIn to find and connect with people in, around and outside of your industry.

While professional, it is a social network therefore people can post about accomplishments or jobs they’re seeking to get people on their radar.

Keep an up-to-date Online Portfolio

As a person working in the digital age, people would lie to have instant access to your work. Presentation matters therefore it is imperative that you have an online portfolio set up.

Alternatively, portfolios can be created on Contently, Behance, WordPress, Squarespace, Adobe Portfolio, Pinterest, Instagram to name a few.

Attend Networking Events & Talks

Some of the groups and pages previously referred to have events you can attend which have opportunities to network.

For finding events like these near you, try searching on Meetup and Eventbrite.

On island, you can get connected with local community and networking groups like The Woman Code 4.0 and Bring Your Own Creativity.

Connect with me on these platforms! The Dots | LinkedIn | Behance | Twitter

If you’ve found a job you’d like to apply for and need assistance, Contact Us we’d be happy to help!

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