August is a special month for students in the UK and heavily determinate on their future. Let’s find out more about the highly anticipated ’Results Day’.

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What is Results Day?

What are University Offers?

How do I accept a University offer?

What is Results Day?

Results Day is the day that A-Level students in the UK nationwide receive the grade outcomes of their GCEs otherwise known as A-Level exams.

The crazy thing about Results Day is that on the same day you find out your exam results, is the same day your university place gets confirmed or declined (if your offer was conditional) if you applied for University.

What are University offers?

A university offer is the decision a university makes on your application.

When applying for university in the UK, you apply via a website portal called UCAS. You are required to submit a personal statement, previous grades and other personal information about yourself which UCAS sends off to up to five (5) universities.

Universities have the choice to either give you an unconditional offer, conditional offer or simply decline your application.

An unconditional offer means regardless of your Level 3 grade outcomes, a place at that university will be awarded.

On the other hand, a conditional offer requires that you meet all the university provided entry requirements, most times being grades.

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How do I accept a University offer?

After applying and responses are received, log in to the UCAS Apply & Track portal and the instructions will be displayed on the screen.

When you receive offers from the applied courses, provided the offers are conditional, you will have to choose your two favourite courses. One will be your firm choice which is your main decision and the second, your insurance choice which would be a backup.

Unfortunately, you can only accept two (2) offers, so you have to make this decision count. If you accept an unconditional offer you cannot have insurance choice.

If after receiving your grades and you decide you’d like to choose a different university course, you can decline your place and go into Clearing for a different course (risqué choice).

When all your university choices have made decisions, UCAS Track will give you a ‘reply by’ date. As guidance, here is a UCAS provided idea of when you should reply:

Source: UCAS

After making a decision on an offer you have 14 days from the decision date to inform UCAS and process any changes. Once you make a decision on one offer, you will have to make a decision on all other offers at the same time.

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