Due to the current unorthodox job market, the usual summer plan of action for students and graduates have taken a turn. However, all is not lost as virtual internships have come to save us all.

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What is a Virtual internship?

Apply for a Virtual Internship

For some, living in 2020 means endless Zoom quizzes and beach parties (we see you not social distancing). If you’re a student or recent graduate, it is likely your summer internship or graduate scheme may have been postponed or cancelled. Before you give up and apply for a random Masters degree, try applying for virtual internships.

A virtual internship is just like a traditional internship except it is conducted online.

Like in any internship, you can build your employability skills and knowledge base in the relevant industry. This can also help you form confident ideas and decisions on an industry if you are still wavering. Virtual internships are not necessarily a replacement for a graduate job or traditional internship, but more of an opportunity to embark on new skills to stand out among your peers. Depending on the design and workload required, you may gain the same skills as you would in a traditional job.

Here are some Pros and Cons:

Pros: Remote so you can work from home. No commute costs. Bring your own lunch. Gain insight into industries. Opportunity to network. Heighten various employability skills. Encourages assertiveness. Opportunity to work in other countries without travelling.

Cons: May be unpaid. No in-person interaction. Reliant on your ability to effectively engage virtually.

Working from home comes with various things to consider like a working laptop and a good WiFi connection. Before grabbing the opportunity, do consider your ability to work under home conditions and set up a space where your production will thrive.

There are various companies offering virtual internships which might include your own university’s employability team. Research or reach out to your university to find out if this is offered.

Here’s a list of virtual internships you can apply for with varying deadlines:

Bright Network (Across UK) –

Internship opportunities available in Investment Banking, Technology, Consulting, Commercial Law, Finance & Professional Services, Business, Operations & Marketing. Even if you are currently in the TCI, but attend a UK college/university you can apply.

Internship Experience UK – Bright Network
CareerUp, Inc. (Worldwide) –

Internship opportunities available in Finance, Marketing & PR, Business Development, Advertising & Branding, Banking & Investments, Accounting.

GradBay (Worldwide) –

Internship opportunities available in Business Development.

The Grad Soc (UK) –

Micro-Internship opportunities available in Marketing.

MikMak (USA) –

Internship opportunities available in Marketing Operations.

OOSTOR.com (UK) –

Internship opportunities available in Marketing E-Commerce.

The Circle (UK) –

Internship opportunities available in PR and Communications.

Some of the internships listed have opportunities to work with companies like Google, Amazon, Tesla, Goldman Sachs, PwC, IBM and so much more. Read individual listings for requirements.

This would also be a good time to set up a LinkedIn profile to search and apply for jobs. Remember, don’t knock it ’til you try it.

If you are interested in a virtual internship and need assistance with your application, contact us for more information.

More Internships/Remote Opportunities:

LinkedIn Remote Internships: UK | USA | Worldwide | Google Search Virtual Internships: Click here

Do you know of any virtual internships or remote student jobs? Drop some in the comments!
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